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Inspection - January 2013

This inspection was carried out under section 162 (A) of the Education Act 2002 as amended.  Bridge Schools Inspectorate (BSI) has been approved by the Secretary of State in the Department for Education (DfE) to undertake inspections in designated independent schools within membership of the Christian Schools Trust (CST) or the Association of Muslim Schools UK (AMSUK). 

The purpose and scope of the inspection

The main purpose of the inspection is twofold.  It is to advise the DfE whether the school continues to meet the requirements for registration, and to determine whether the school’s religious ethos continues to meet the expectations of its association.  Ofsted monitors the work of independent inspectorates, including a sample of inspections, and you can find the latest evaluation of the work of the Bridge Schools Inspectorate on the Ofsted website.

 The school states its aims as follows:

 ‘We aim to equip children with the age appropriate skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes so that they have a rounded education and are able to take their place in the world of work.  

‘We also aim to develop an understanding of the spiritual gifts such as wisdom, self-control, goodness and kindness that God gives so that children become discerning about music, television programmes, books, films and internet sites and the other fields of entertainment or knowledge they are likely to encounter.  

‘However, our chief aim is to teach the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to encourage children to develop a faith of their own where they refer to the scriptures for guidance and grow their personal trust in Jesus Christ as well as listening to and/or speaking with trusted adults and parents with respect.’

Evaluation of the school

The school meets its aims well.  The strong Christian ethos pervades all aspects of its life and work, enabling pupils to grow in their faith and trust.  Their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is excellent, in a school community where individuals are valued and where adults provide inspiring role models…

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